Florence Melton School of Adult Learning

Data-Driven Strategy & Lay Leader Development

In our first year partnering with Melton, RAISE supported a crowdfunding event that raised over $200,000 and recommended a spring honoree-driven event that raised over $100,000 in new revenue. 

In addition to guiding and increasing revenue through Melton’s mainstay crowdfunding event each year, RAISE utilized a data-driven approach to recommend introducing a spring honoree-driven event that raised over $100,000 in new revenue.

After that success, focus has shifted to developing the organization’s stewardship program and engaging board members in all aspects of philanthropy, including but not limited to solicitations. RAISE was thoughtfully integrated into Board and committee meetings, building a culture of philanthropy. Inspiring Melton lay leadership about not only their own philanthropy but also their comfort soliciting others will enable the organization to create an even stronger fiscal sustainability and to actualize many of their long-term goals related to programming and development, such as laying the foundations for a robust Legacy Society.