Laura Nolan

“Numbers don’t lie. Gather enough data, analyze it with a clear and unbiased mind, and in the end most problems can be solved with simple math. That’s powerful, and I think it’s important to turn that power to solving systemic problems in our world.”

Laura Nolan brings over a decade of experience in data management to her role as RAISE Data Administrator. She provides database maintenance for fundraising and contact lists, allowing for optimal analysis of the clients' needs. Her attention to detail and streamlined organizational approach translates into accurate data that can be rigorously assessed, laying the foundation for effective project management and commensurate return on investment.

An accomplished vocalist and pianist who has performed on international stages from an early age, Laura earned her BA in vocal performance from the University of Indianapolis in 2006. Chronic illness led to exploring her long-held love of spreadsheets & data organization, and Laura began working with RAISE in 2017. She lives in Ohio with her husband and three children, whom she homeschools, while maintaining an extensive food and medicinals garden and sharing her experiences and knowledge online to help others seeking to grow their own food at home.